Dr. Ronan O' Neill DPsych, M.Phil, Hon (BA)

Ronan has a Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, from City, University of London, approved by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), the statutory regulator for Practitioner Psychologists in the UK, and is also accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) and fully recognized by ‘The Psychological Society of Ireland’ (PSI). He also has a Masters in Psychoanalytic Studies from Trinity College and a Bachelors Hons degree in Psychology.

He has rigorous training in clinical practice, as well as professional research skills. He has a solid foundation in the diversity of clinical and professional knowledge and skills for working in mental health with a wide range of complex presenting issues; with adults and children, couples, families and groups. Ronan's main expertise today focuses on Parental Alienation (PA).

Registered Consultant Psychologist


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Working with Alienated Targeted Parents & their Children

First recognizing it


At One Health Therapy, our first task is to identify your family dynamics and see if you are a parent who has been the target of PA. Is your case either mild, moderate or severe alienation where your child unjustifiably rejects you and the other parent intentionally or not targets you.

Acknowledgement of your pain


At One Health Therapy, we acknowledge your loss and your pain for missing and not seeing your child. It can be a very sad experience and you may feel shame, grief, loss, rage, guilt & dismay at the way you are being treated. Many professionals don't spot the problem early-on and this creates further problems to yours and your child's health.

Identifying your main concerns


If you are a targeted parent who has been the victim of alienation, then it is likely you may have some issues to discuss, especially if you have not seen your child over a prolonged period of time. The negative mental health impact on you can be extensive if you have been struggling unsuccessfully to keep contact and access to your child,. Many alienated parents find that it can be truly exhausting on them, impacting their whole lives.

Awareness & Empowerment


In so many cases, the targeted parent cannot understand why many mental health and legal professionals completely do not see whats really going on. Even other extended family members do not fully comprehend your struggle.. Understanding is empowering !

Long-term effects of alienation


It is important to talk and get help from an expert on parental alienation so you maintain positive resilience to allow you successfully get back in contact with your child. The long-term effects of Parental Alienation can be  extremely harmful to a child and such effects are multi-generational, which is why it is even more crucial to seek Counseling and guidance today !

Psychological reports


At One Health Therapy we can provide guidance on services to help educate you on the main issues with separation/divorce when children are involved. Please note ! such services and guidance  are not considered therapy or counselling. The provision of guidance and services on Parental Alienation can involve Court Section 47 reports and other legal required assessments such as Parental assessments.

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